The art of Softwaring

By definition, Developing software is the science of modeling our reality or giving life to our imagination through computer systems using one or more programming languages. Some people call it colloquially, Softwaring, however, for others who view this profession with greater seriousness and importance are not very fond of this term and there are even many others who additionally perceive it as an Art.

From my perspective, as a systems engineer, developer, manager, seller, buyer and user of different types of applications, when people recognize the usefulness of any software, they enjoy its use, through logic, plastics, linguistics and/or the solid resources used, and additionally, it is developed with a clear and well-structured coding, easy to understand and evolve, beyond a scientific product we are really looking at a Work of Art.

-- Guillermo Vitola --


Find some software examples that use interesting technology frameworks with small changes in its basic architecture.

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Soon, find here a short list of some developed projects, the architeture and main tools used on each.

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